New structure of zebrafish CFTR in an ATP-bound conformation.  PDB: 5W81


New structures of CFTR2 mutants in NBD1, structures of NBD2 and new EM structures of human full-length CFTR coming soon.  Contact the consortium for details.  


Consortium members work together to expand knowledge of the structure, the energetics and the mechanism of CFTR function. The Consortium's goals are to:

  • Obtain high-quality protein reagents for full-length CFTR and CFTR structural domains
  • Characterize the physicochemical properties of CFTR and CFTR structural domains
  • Obtain high resolution 3D-structures of interactions between structural domains of CFTR
  • Obtain high resolution 3D-structures of the full length CFTR protein
  • Obtain knowledge of the binding location and energetic/folding consequences of CFTR modulators on CFTR or CFTR domains


The Consortium maintains this website to provide access to reagents and data related to CFTR.  We are pleased to provide these to the research community and to assist researchers with biophysical and structural studies of CFTR. 

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