Full-length CFTR

To date, experimental structures of full-length CFTR have been solved using electron microscopy approaches.  In addition, multiple homology models, based on x-ray structures of homologous ABC-transproter proteins have been generated.  


Links to the available structures and homology models are listed below.  

Experimental Structures

Species Author (Lab)



Human Rosenberg (Ford) WT EMDB, PubMed
Human Collins (Ford) G551D EMDB, PDB, PubMed
Human Collins (Ford) G551D, ATP


Zebrafish Zhang (Chen) WT, apo EMDB, PDB, PubMed
Human Liu (Chen) WT, apo EMDB, PDB, PubMed
Zebrafish Zhang (Chen) E1372Q, ATP EMDB, PDB, PubMed


Homology Models

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